Generosity: Baby Stuff Scares Me

When I had to get a shower gift for my first mama-to-be friend, I half-seriously thought that walking into Babies-R-Us could get me pregnant. Which is why I ended up going to Costco and getting her a huge-normous box of diapers.

But if I knew then what I know now... She'd probably still be my friend!

So if baby things scare you, here are a couple of really cool gifts that will make everyone at the shower think you're too cool for school.

1. My son loves his Ugly Dolls, Babo and Ugly Dog. Every morning he grabs Babo, Ugly Dog and Gugu (not an Ugly Doll but a stuffed dog that his cousin gave him) and gives them morning kisses. The Little Dude loves them so much that he gave Tray (Babo's best friend in the Ugly Doll world) to his friend who will should be arriving in this spring. How's that for an endorsement?

2. Urban Smalls clothing. I love to take my Little Dude out in t-his shirt that says, "Chicks Dig Me." The material is soft and comfy, the sizing is pretty dead-on compared to most brands and the neck is stretchy so it doesn't squish his nose or ears during the application process. Also, it makes people laugh.

3. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer ... a Gen-X Christmas classic! This came on the TV the other night and we watched it with Little Dude. It was a magic moment because I remembered watching it as a kid with my parents and thinking that the other reindeers were a bunch of punks. Come to think of it, Santa was a real punk to Rudolph, too. Anyway, the only other Christmas classic that could top this one is A Charlie Brown Christmas and the cool Vince Guaraldi soundtrack.