Support: Is She Just Not That Into You?

Are you jealous of all the new mommy friends that your mama buddy has been making lately? Has she stopped calling or emailing? Do you fear that now she's pregnant, or a mom that she's just not that into you?

Trust me on this: don't be jealous of her new mommy friends. Believe it or not, your mama buddy needs you.

When I get together with my unencumbered friend, there's a pattern to our conversation. First, I get all the Little Dude updates off my chest and then she gets all her stuff out of the way. After the preliminaries, we talk about other stuff like what's happening in the news or what her obnoxious colleague said. (The one thing I miss about working in an office, believe it or not, is the drama. Great character fodder!) We talk about anything but motherhood and for me, it's a brief sabbatical.

Fellow mama, author and blogger of Mommy Writer, Bethany Hiitola has found that it takes effort on her part as well as her friends to keep up the friendship. "Suddenly, our lives become out of our control a little more than normal (when the kiddo gets sick, cranky, playdate, etc) we have more responsibilities to tend to, and thus our time to stay in touch diminishes," she wrote. "But for those that are close, e-mail is key. And hand-written letters of HELLO."

So if your mama buddy isn't calling as often as she used to, take the initiative and send her an e-card or take a picture of yourself with the caption, "remember me?"

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