Pull Up A Seat

When was the last time you had a girls' night out with your best bud?

Before she had the baby, right?

Hey Mom, when was the last time you wore enjoyed a neon-colored drink and it didn't have Elmo on the glass?

Welcome to My Best Friend's Baby!

I’ve been on both sides of the coin: the clueless but well-meaning friend of a new mom, and as of summer 2005, the new mom. When I was three weeks pregnant, I came up with the story of two best friends - one a savvy single woman and the other a stay-at-home mama - who switch bodies and then have to live each other's lives.

After I finished that book, I wanted to do more to bridge the gap between women whose friendships have been rattled by a new baby! Yes, life gets a bit complicated by pregnany, babies and kids but trust me, there's no "us" or "them" when it comes to a real friendship. There's just us girls who want to keep our friendships strong and everlasting.

Fellow blogger and author Bethany Hiitola tells it like it is in Motherhood is a Bitch.

If you just found out your best bud is uh, budding, here are some ideas for a rockin' Mama Shower!

Is your best friend's baby shower this Saturday and you can't find a great gift? Here's a great idea under $50.

Hey Mom, round up the girl posse for drinks! You'll be glad you did and if you don't drink alcohol, here are some cocktails that will allow you get drunk on love!

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Mary "The Mama Grande" Castillo