Generosity: Holiday Gifts For Mom's

Just when your tryptophan buzz wears off, it's time to shop for the holidays. Here are five fantastic gift ideas for your mama-to-be buddy, or your mama-in-action pal.


1. I was too poor to get a maternity massage when I was pregnant, and too slow to use a gift certificate friends had given me for my baby shower. (I was four centimeters dilated at 34 weeks and my OB said no massages!) This is a wonderful treat, especially if you make it a girl's day at the spa! However if your friend is on bed rest, this would not be a good option until after the baby arrives. If she's a girly girl, check out products like the Mama Care Pack by Motherlove. They're organic, safe and she'll be your best friend forever.

2. I loved my Waiting for Baby pregnancy journal. It gave me a place to keep my ultra sound pictures, keep track of my measurements and record my thoughts and feelings. Recently, I went through it and realized I had forgotten some of those special moments that I was certain I would never forget.

3. My husband hated it, but I would not have survived without my Maternity Pillow. My pillow provided belly support during, and lower back support after the baby. Trust me, sleepless nights start well before the baby arrives.

4. Sometimes there's that special something she'd never buy for her wardrobe. If she's into comfy, try the 1 In The Oven Berry Sweatshirt. Or, glam her up with something like the Chiarakruza Georgia Top. Resist buying her pants or skirts because she may have a sensitive belly and prefer certain cuts.

5. One of the best gifts I received was a bottle of Dom Perignon vintage1996. I couldn't wait to open it. Just the thought of it sitting in my refrigerator comforted me during labor. If you can't afford the Dom, try a Cava or California Sparkling wine.


1. Baby Einstein Lullabies and Sweet Dreams music CD may seem like a baby gift, but it isn't. You will be giving your friend the gift of quiet baby. I had copies in each car and in my Little Dude's CD player to calm him when nothing else would. If you really want to put a gold star next to your name, add a Baby Einstein video. Yes, we all know that TV is the source of all evil but dude, when a teething baby has been kicking your behind all day, you'll do anything for a few moments of peace and quiet.

2. Contrary to what we see in the movies and TV, mommies still look pregnant after they give birth. As she loses weight, she'll need a little help and that's where the Belly Basics Black Transition Kit comes handy. For weeks, mommies aren't small enough for their old clothes, nor are they large enough (thankfully!) for their maternity wardrobe.

3. Take her away to a spa or tea time. Or, for the sushi and sake she had to give up while pregnant and nursing. Or, cocktails. Or- You get the picture. She'll appreciate the adult conversation and you'll reconnect with your friend.

4. If you're comfortable doing so, baby sitting is a wonderful gift. Mama and daddy can go on a date, or she can savor a few hours of peace and quiet. If mama declines, don't take it personally. If you're close to her mom, maybe cook up a plan so grandma will take the baby and you'll take the mama.

5. There's nothing like a new hand bag to make a mama feel like a woman again. I can't tell you how wonderful it felt to retire the boring, black diaper bag I used for the Little Dude's first year. I went out and bought myself a stylish, not-quite-a-mom purse from Le Target. It's inexpensive, has enough room for my journal and a clean diaper.