A Super Hero Christmas!

Photo: "Under the Mistletoe" from Art.com
Hmm what to get your friend's little angel:

Toys made overseas ... judging by the news, it'll be recalled in January.

A miniature drum kit ... you suck.

A bike ... dude, that's what grandparents are for!

F-it, I'll just get a box and fill it with wrapping paper.

If you have little people - nieces, nephews or honorary nieces and nephews - and have no idea what to get them, I've got your back.

You can't go wrong with a Wonder Woman onesie. The long sleeves in winter time make it practical. However, with this gift you are empowering a young girl to embrace strength and justice.

To the little dude on your list, forever will you be the cool auntie when he can run around in a shirt and cape. The cape is detachable when he konks out after bringing truth, justice and the American way on the playground.

But I want my friend's kid to read (check out the Little Dude's Bookshelf)