What I Would Give New Mama Salma Hayek

It wouldn't be a Belle baby carrier or a cashmere baby blanket (which Baby Valentina would "bless" one way or the other!). I would give her a gift in words, the same words that a random stranger gave me in a gift store in Rosarito.

He said, "Stop looking for the perfect person, unless you're perfect. Which of course, you're not."
Since then, those words have morphed to fit the sometimes uncomfortable shoes of a new mom. I promised my son that I wouldn't try to make him into a perfect person. I wouldn't even try to be a perfect mom. I would just love him unconditionally and let him be the man he's destined to become.

Some days its easier to remember that promise. But then there are days when I just want him to be the exact opposite of who he is, which is strong willed and unyielding. At least those traits will serve him well if he decides to become a prosecutor!

Felicidades Salma and welcome to the world, Valentina!